Sunday, December 10, 2006

Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain


1. Overture
2. Vaudeville Villain (produced by King Honey)
3. Lickupon (produced by Heat Sensor)
4. The Drop (produced by Max Bill)
5. Lactose and Lecithin (produced by Heat Sensor)
6. A Dead Mouse (produced by King Honey)
7. Open Mic Nite, Pt. 1 (feat. Lord Sear, Rodan, & Louis Logic) (produced by King Honey)
8. Raedawn (produced by Heat Sensor)
9. Let Me Watch (feat. Apani B) (produced by King Honey)
10. Saliva (guest produced by RJD2)
11. Modern Day Mugging (produced by Heat Sensor)
12. Open Mic Nite, Pt. 2 (feat. Lord Sear & Creature) (produced by King Honey)
13. Never Dead (feat. Msayyid) (produced by Heat Sensor)
14. Popsnot (produced by Max Bill)
15. Mr. Clean (produced by King Honey)
16. G.M.C. (produced by Max Bill)
17. Change the Beat (hidden track)


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